Pharmacy Connect is a specialist pharmacy recruitment company whose mission is to provide high quality pharmacy professionals to your pharmacy or pharmaceutical environment.


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Areas of Speciality.

The company specialises in placing pharmacy professionals in the following pharmacy environments.

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Wholesale & Distribution


Medical Aids


Pharmacy Sales

How we work

When you contact us we will go over the different recruitment models with you and will help you select a recruitment option that best suits your needs and budget. We have an extensive database of pharmacy professionals that is constantly being updated. This enables us to source the best qualified candidates for the position you are seeking to fill.

Our Recruitment Models

Fee for service model

Clients who decide to use this model want us to source and identify suitable pharmacy professionals rapidly and for a reasonable fee. This model is preferred in cases where the client wants to make the hiring decision for themselves.

Placement fee model

Clients who decide to use this model want us to provide a guaranteed placement. The risk of a successful placement is carried by Pharmacy Connect exclusively and the placement fee is therefore considerably higher.

Meet Anton

Anton has been involved in pharmacy recruitment for 4½ years. He started Pharmacy Connect to take advantage of his knowledge of his 11 years of experience in various pharmacy environments. He works with clients to place pharmacy professionals in the retail, hospital, courier, production, wholesale, and medical aid sectors. Before starting Pharmacy Connect, he worked as a courier pharmacist for Clicks Direct Medicines. In this position, he was responsible for setting up and running the new Med Express operation with Discovery Health. Before that, he worked as a Price and Product File Manager and Functional Head for drugs for Discovery Health. In this position, he was tasked with implementing new medicine policies. Before that, he managed a distribution pharmacy for the Gauteng Department of Health. In this position he oversaw the distribution of medication to 80 clinics, 70 homes, family planning providers and baby clinics. Before that, he worked as a retail pharmacist at Manor Pharmacy. His first position in pharmacy was a packaging pharmacist for Glaxo Wellcome. In this position he was responsible for managing 2 tablet packing operations. He earned a B.Pharm from Wits University, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics from UCT. Anton serves on the committee of the South African Association of Community Pharmacists, a sector of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa.

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